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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Guest Blogger!!

Today's post
is courtesy of my loving husband Rob.

I have nothing to say. :-)

And now,

Leeann and I have been married for nearly 15 years now, and known each other for almost 20.

One would think that, after almost two decades together, I would know my wife. Know her ways, her eccentricities and her habits.

And I do, to an extent. Especially the eccentricities.

And yet, at my heart, I remain a guy. Which means, of course, that I rarely see it coming.

Husbands never do, really. I think it is part of the definition of the word "husband."

For example, say you are tired after spending the day with the kids. You collapse into bed, with no other thought on your mind than reading the new book you just got, and trying to relax.

And let's say that your beautiful wife, sitting next to you, says something like, I don't know, how about: "Do you love me?"

You should see it coming, right? I mean, it's like your wife asking you if that secretary at the Christmas party looks good in the micro-mini dress. "No, dear, I think she looks cheap and skanky." There is no other answer that is appropriate. Or safe.

In a similar manner, the question "Do you love me?" is not really a question. It is merely a set-up. You can't say no, for fear of what might happen to you when you drift off to sleep later than night. (All husbands, no matter how secure they are in their marriages, have a secret, unspoken Bobbitt fear).

But yes?

With no other choice, I responded: "Of course I do."

Trap sprung.

"So you wouldn't mind doing something for me, would you?"

Why do all women, when speaking these words, hit the same, innocent tone of a six year old girl? And smile in that same, aren't-I-cute way? Is this something mothers teach their daughters in some secret ceremony, far away from any man's prying eyes? Or is it in the DNA, some genetic code that allows women to create guilt in their mates before the poor guy even knows what hit him?

Not sure, really, and even if I was, it wouldn't matter. Because by this point, I am now spending my time blogging for my wife, so she can continue to meet her November blog-every-day challenge. So I type, while she relaxes.

And I never even saw it coming.


natalie said...

An excellent entry, Rob! But I do think you got off easy just having to blog today. The last time I pulled that stunt with Eamonn, he had to put up the Christmas lights. . .in blizzard! In my defense, it was mid-December and he'd waited too long. If he'd done it when the neighbors did, we wouldn't have had that problem at all. But it's always fun to read the man's perspective whether it was coerced out of you or not!

And Leeann, it's pronounced A-min. A silent E! Isn't that cruel? I spelled his name wrong for the first 3 months I knew him. . .duh. So glad you enjoyed the pics! Sorry it took so long!

MOM said...

Very nice blog Rob and you are a loving husband to take over for Leeann. Cute..Enjoyed the read..Guilt or not!!
Be careful, she may have found a "good thing" so watch your back! lol

Ginaagain said...

Hi Rob! You are a great guy to help Leeann out like that. I wish I could get Bob to blog for me for a day.. but no.. he's just snoring on the couch while I try to figure out what to write about.

Melissa said...

ROFL. Rob, you also have a way with words. I hope to see you here again! BTW, does it ever bug you that Leeann writes about some stuff for all to see? Is that a trick question?

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

First off, let me just get off my chest that you have beat me at having a guest blogger. I've never had a guest blogger before. Somehow I now feel...inadequate.

Now on to important matters. ROFL!!!!! Rob is hysterical. I particularly like the "cheap and skanky line" (have to share that with Ibrahim) as well as the secret "Bobbit fear" that I now know that all men harbor.

I could never in a million years get Ibrahim to write anything on my blog for me. That's true love there, Leeann!

nicrogers said...

Great first post Rob! Hope you have it in you to post again. Or maybe you should just start your own blog? Yea, that would be great! Good job Leeann for tricking Rob into blogging for you. I should try that trick with Mike.

Lanny said...

ROFL! Great post!
I don't even think "Do you love me?" would be enough to get Army to post. He sees it coming now and answers with, "Yes, I love you, but that doesn't mean I'll do whatever you've got up your sleeve." I'm so tempted to set him up with it one time, and after he gives his standard answer, say, "Oh, ok, I guess I'm not really in the mood either." Haha!

bmg said...

Great post!
What a guy!