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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Packity Packity Pack

Tick tock
Tick tock.

The clock is ticking and time is flying by
until we leave for our trip to Disney World.

As of today,
only "three more sleeps"
until we leave.

For me, of course,
that means that things are shifting
into ultra-high gear.

Friday is shot with volunteering in
Chris's class in the morning
and a test in the afternoon.
Thursday night is Kate's back to school night.
That means that I have to have everything
packed and ready to go by Thursday afternoon!


I have made lists,
pre-ordered groceries to be delivered
to the resort,
I have the schedules and tickets
and I have our dinner reservations made.

I am stacking clean clothes,
packing bags of toiletries
sunblock, swimsuits and beach towels
goggles and camera and chargers.

So if you don't hear much from me for a while
rest assured, we are just packing up
and getting ready to head out!


Melissa said...

Have a great time, Leeann. Are you taking the kids out of school? It's a lot of work getting everyone ready to go on a trip, but I'm sure you will have a lot of fun.

Splaneyo said...

I hate packing! The only thing I like about packing is it means you get to go somewhere and that I like. I hope you and your family have a fantastic time - I haven't been there, so take some pictures of your favorite things.

Gina said...

You sound pretty organized to me! I hope you have a fantastic vacation.

Anonymous said...

Can I come? I wanna come! really! lol Have enough fun for your poor, pathetic friends stuck home trudging through their daily life filled with kids,homework,laundry, and making our own meals.Nic