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Monday, July 30, 2007

Full House

Rob and I have an architect
coming out to our house tomorrow.

We will be discussing with her
expansion options for adding
another bedroom and bathroom.

We have four bedrooms right now
which means there is no guest space.
When we have guests we shuffle the boys around
to accommodate everyone.

Even more of an issue is the bathroom space.
The three children share a very small hall bath.
It has one sink, a toilet and a shower/bath combination.
You can fit two children comfortably, standing,
in there at one time.
Now that Kate is getting to be a teen,
she really needs her own space and some privacy
for girlie things.

We'll see what the cost is as compared to moving
to a house that has these changes already done.
We love our lot and the schools
but don't feel particularly wed to the neighborhood
in which we live
(most people have been here nearly 20 years).

In two years Kate will be starting high school
and Chris will be starting middle school
so if a change is coming, it would be then.

We'll see!


Lori @ The Simple Life at Home said...

That's too funny - we were just talking about building on last night! I don't think we'll do it, but it sounds like a good option for you guys. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I would like to research the addition option, too. We don't have any guest rooms, either. I don't have any desire to move at all. I like my neighborhood, have good neighbors, love the elementary school (middle school leaves something to be desired so far) and like my house. I just wish it was a tad bigger!

Splaneyo said...

We added on to our house 1 1/2 year ago and decided against a two story addition. Now we are kicking ourselves because we need more bedrooms! If you are feeling cramped with 4 we are going to be going out of our minds when our kids are bigger because we have only 3. I am looking forward to hearing how it went...

Leeann said...


That is pretty much how we feel too. I don't think we could find a lot like this one again, nor are we super eager to move up to the next size house, which in this area would run close to a million. It sounds like it would indeed be possible to build above the garage so we discussed adding a bedroom, taking out the current kid bath and building two full baths and an upstairs laundry room.
We have a lot of talking to do....

Leeann said...


With three bedrooms and a family of five, you may well be kicking yourself indeed! However, I am guessing you have to kids sharing a room. Your boys? If so and you get them used to it early, they won't know the difference!