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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big Day Today!

Today is a big day
for me!

This is the exact six month
anniversary of my blog.

Six months ago today
I took a deep breath
and decided to share my life

A way to keep a record of our lives,
a literal snapshot of our day to day.

Things the kids said and did,
how it feels to have kids at the ages they are
and how it feels to be a mom
whose kids are no longer "preschool and under."

And what I will do with myself
as these changes take place,
in their life and in mine.

As I have for the past six months,
I will continue to keep it real
for your sake and mine.

So, no matter who you are
do me a really big favor
and sign my comment book
when you read this.

Yes, even you.

I don't care,
just do it.



Lori said...


Congratulations!! I'm glad you decided to do this - I really enjoy seeing the pictures of your kids and hearing more about your days. Keep bloggin', girl!

Wendy said...

I'll sign! Nice to see you online ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll sign, too! Love the blog! Your wonderful sense of humor shines through in your writing style. I love blogs, and you are a daily stop for me. Thanks for sharing your life with us! What an amazing family you have. Hugs all around!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. It's even better than our loop b/c I feel like I am finding out more about the every day stuff and that is really telling. Sometimes you've got me ROFL, sometimes you give me something to think about.

Leeann said...

Whoo hoo! I love to see people coming out of the woodwork. :-)

Shelli, how was your Disney trip? I'm still sorry we didn't get to pull off a meeting this summer. I really wanted to. :-( If you haven't already, hook your mom up to my blog so I can wave hi at her. *HI CANDY*

Melissa, I am thinking it is high time for you to start a blog too, missy. It is good fun. I'll help you if you want to give it a try. And heck, Lori is passing me up in some of the blogger tips already!

And Wendy, Thanks for signing! You are my mystery girl!

momtothreeboys said...


I'm still reading, and loving it. Hope to meet you at a Cubs game someday.


MOM said...

Enjoy reading your blog, sweetheart. I can always find out what is going on in the house by reading the blog. It's funny too. The pictures are a wonderful added touch of "home." Keep it going and congratulations on your 6th month anniversary!!

nicrogers said...

ok I signed it. lol

Splaneyo said...

I LOVE your blog - you have the best sense of humor and you constantly have me laughing. I hope that you continue blogging for quite some time! I need more weekly sayings though...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Leeann, it's sean! I was reading, and I just wanted to leave a comment, I really like your blog, you have serious writing talent and you kept up with your blog unlike me