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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My mother is an only child
and my father has one sister.

From my dad's side,
I have four first cousins.

They are all older than I am
and I never saw them much
growing up.

We lived in different states
and quite frankly,
they were often in different
stages of life than I was.

I have some memories
here and there
(like Wayne falling backward
out of a chair...I was scarred!)
but overall they are blurry.

Fortunately for me,
I see them every year now
and they have children
around Kate's age or a little older.

My kids have more experience seeing
my cousins than I did growing up!

What really makes me happy,
super, duper happy
is that my kids have a very close
relationship with THEIR cousins.

I love that.

I can't even tell you how much I love that.

It makes me happy
the way Christmas morning makes me happy.

Tonight the kids and I
were invited over to
"Aunt Beth and Uncle David's house."

Beth and Dave have two precious children:
Lauren is 3 and Johnny is 8 months.

I think you will be able to see from these pictures
that they adore each other.

Kate and Johnny: good babysitting practice!

Kissing cousins.
It's scary.
We have to watch them or they'll have to move to West Virginia.

Chris with two arms full of sweetness!


Lori said...

ROFL!!! I love the line "We have to watch them or they'll have to move to West Virginia." Oh my gosh, you are too funny!!

Heather said...

So nice that they can spend time with one another and have memories as well...but, really, keep an eye on that. =)