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Monday, May 28, 2007

Short Trey funny

One of those things
that probably only a mom finds funny
but I want to remember....

The other day I needed some lemon juice
for a dinner recipe.

Alas, no lemons
and no lemon juice.

So, I looked around for the first available kid.

Trey was the lucky winner.

Me: "Trey, will you run next door to Mrs. Neal's house
and ask her if we can borrow some lemon juice?"

(Quick aside:
My next door neighbors are not the Neals.
They are a wonderful couple and the MAN'S first name is Neal.
However, Chris and Trey call them Mr. Neal and Mrs. Neal
and I find it so funny that now we all call them that.)

Trey, thrilled to have such a "grown up" mission:

I see him looking around,
and a few seconds later he comes jogging over.

"Mom, I don't have any shoes on.
Is it okay if I just wear my feet?"


I told him by all means, he could go in his feet.

So cute!

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