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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another word for a Female Dog

Rob and the kids were all in the kitchen today,
having a coloring orgy
with Pokemon printouts.

Oh, the thrills
we experience as parents!

Trey started humming to himself
and then broke into song

(as we often do in this house,
often with a butt shaking boogie to go with it.
We find it normal but other people,
find it extremely odd.)

He sang:
"Sometimes I spit,
Sometimes I bitch..."

and Kate, in a shocked voice,
exclaimed "TREY!!!!!!"

Trey looked up, shocked.

Kate, horrified, "Trey, you said a bad word!"

Chris piped in:
"Is spit a bad word?"

Kate rolled her eyes with the finesse
that only a preteen has.
"Not *that* one.
The OTHER word."

Trey, confused: "Which other word?"

Kate said "I can't tell you!"

And Chris chimed in
"Well, can you tell ME?"

And Kate rolled her eyes
(oh yes, again.
I think we might need to visit an optometrist)
and said
"Not until you're older....
at *least* in sixth grade!"

I have no idea what this says about our family,
our use of language
or the fact that as parents we found this more
amusing than appalling.

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