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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Today is my 14th anniversary!
Rob and I have been started dating 19 years ago.
I have officially been with him more than half of my life!

I am so lucky to have met him and to have him as my husband.

Kate wrote two poems for our anniversary and presented them tonight after dinner. They are very sweet.

Here they are:

Faithful Day

On that faithful day
faith found a way
to unite two people
in a church, with a steeple

Though 14 years have passed
but still their love will last

So hear the wedding bells ring
Oh, what joy they bring

On this faithful day.

Wedding Bells

The wedding bells are ringing
The chorus is singing
All the people can hear:
'Leeann, Robert
I now pronounce you husband and wife
you may kiss the bride"

The wedding bells are ringing
The chorus is singing
as the bride and groom kiss
there is perfect bliss

And thought it came on fast
it can last
through the years
and the tears.

The wedding bells are ringing.
Both by Kate, age 11

Rob and Leeann, dressed up for Halloween, 2006.
Ya gotta laugh together!


mimitock said...

Katie wrote very thoughtful and sweet poems for your anniversary...That picture of the two of you ---well, you know!
Love you anyway,

Richard Lewis said...

Those poems by Kate (although perhaps an attempt to steal the spotlight -- OK, that's my cynical side) were really graceful and intellectual. The rhymes were hardly forced. Well done! It's amazing to me what children, their minds still relatively liberated from the pressure, stress and rigors of life, can come up with their imaginations.

Those costumes were awful. You all look like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Ha!